Air Testing

Teklab is a full service environmental testing laboratory. Besides testing air quality, we perform water testing and soil testing for the environmental industry. Our main laboratory is located in Collinsville, Illinois. Our  service centers can deliver sample containers and/or pick-up samples throughout the Midwest. Please call us for more information on pricing and our air testing services Toll Free(877) 344-1003.

Semi-Volatile Air Testing 

By EPA Methods TO-13A, and TO-10A. Whether your need is permit compliance or litigation mitigation, Teklab can provide your Semi-volatile Organic Air Testing. Our air analysis includes:

  • EPA methods TO-13A and TO-10A
  • SVOCs - PAHs/PNAs and PCBs
  • TPH-DRO for a remediation project

Committed to the best quality available. Teklab's air testing laboratory has incorporated the most modern extraction method available, Microwave digestion, to ensure the best recovery of the analytes on your  air sample. Please contact your project manager to discuss site specific requirements.

Volatile Air Testing (TO-15)

By EPA Method TO-15. Our Volatile Organic Air analysis includes:

  • EPA method TO-15 (in lieu of TO-14)
  • VOCs including BTEX (or BETX) and Naphthalene
  • TPH-GRO for a remediation project
  • Additional compounds beyond the regular TO-15 plus list
  • Ambient air, soil vapor and sub slab testing

Committed to the best quality available, Teklab's SiloniteTM treated canisters ensure the best elimination of absorption effects prevalent in many of the canisters in the marketplace today. A rigorous protocol ensures a clean and certified canister for your sampling needs. Preset flow controllers provide accurate flow measurements. In addition to various sized canisters, sampling equipment available includes Tedlar Bags, syringes, gauges and several different types of sampling trains. Please contact your project manager to discuss site specific requirements.

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