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Performance Evaluation Program
EPA Lab ID IL00054 
Water Supply (WS) / Water Pollutants (WP) / RCRA (SOIL) /Air (AE)              
Illinois Certification
IL NELAP Accreditation #100226 
Drinking Water / Wastewater / Hazardous Waste Analysis 
Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

Louisiana Certification
LA NELAP Accredited
AI 166493 (Collinsville TO13_Mod/TO10 Mod)
AI 166578 (Collinsville Air Lab TO15)
Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality  

Kentucky Certification
KY UST Accredited #0073
Kentucky Underground Storage Tank Program 

Arkansas Certification
AR Certification #70-028-0
Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality  
Oklahoma Certification
OK NELAP Certification ID #9978
Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality 

Illinois Department of Public Health
ID #17584  
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
ID #00930 

Kansas Certification
KS NELAP Accreditation # E-10734
Kansas Department of Environmental Quality


Many States are without a Certification for RCRA, UST and Wastewater that we do work in routinely; like Missouri and Indiana.
If you have questions, please give us a call

American Chemical Society
Air & Waste Management Association
Gateway Society of Hazardous Material Management
Southern Illinois Environmental Managers Association
Southern Illinois Water Operators Association
MISKA Valley Water Pollution Control Association

   Member of PICS                   ISNetworld Member Contractor

Indiana Certification