Sample Acceptance Policy

Listed below is an outline of circumstances in which samples will be accepted. If any samples do not comply with the following criteria, the client will be notified and the noncompliance will be noted on the final analytical report.

1.) The following information must be on the Chain of Custody:

  • Sample Identification
  • Location and/or Date and Time of Collection
  • Sample collector’s name
  • Preservation type
  • Sample type
  • Analytical testing required
  • Any special comments concerning the sample(s), such as required reporting limits
  • Please indicate if the submitted samples are known to be hazardous, or known to be involved in litigation
  • The sample collector and anyone who has possession of the sample MUST sign the chain of custody as an acknowledgement of the terms and conditions listed on the back side of the chain of custody form.
  • Purchase Order and/or special invoicing instructions

2.) The sample collector must use durable labels with indelible ink, and each sample must be properly labeled with a unique identification.

3.) An adequate amount of sample in the proper containers with the correct preservative for the analyses is required.

4.) All analyses have required hold times within which they must be analyzed. In order to adhere to all holding times, samples should be delivered to Teklab as quickly as possible after collection. If samples are received with less than one half of the hold time remaining on the requested analysis, either a surcharge may incur, or the samples may not necessarily be analyzed within the proper hold time.

5.) Samples which require thermal preservation at 4°C must arrive with the temperature in the range of 0.5°C - 6.0°C. Samples, received the same day as collection and required thermal preservation at 4°C, must have evidence that the chilling process has begun, such as arrival on ice.

6.) Clients will be notified if there are signs of damage or contamination and if the above acceptance criteria are not met. In such cases, Teklab will not proceed with the requested analysis until client verification is received, and all communications are documented.

At Teklab, standard turn around time for most analytical services is 5 to 7 working days, but this may vary depending on sample volume and current workload. If analytical results are needed sooner, or a project contains a large amount of samples, please contact your project manager to make arrangements in advance.

Revision: C
Effective Date: 13 June 2006