Stormwater Testing
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Based on NPDES Permit


Collecting your storm water samples can be confusing. Teklab has the experience to walk you through the process and help you stay in compliance. From helping you figure out where the stormwater runoff sampling point is located to what analysis is needed, our certified environmental testing laboratory can help.


Compliance Sampling

Sampling shall be representative of stormwater, and samples shall be collected within the first 60 minutes of storm events (0.1 inches or greater) that result in discharge. Stormwater samples shall be collected no sooner than 72 hours after the previous precipitation event.


Tips for sampling

We read NPDES permits routinely; we can help you understand what you need to do. Avoid sampling if you have just applied deicer or some other unusual surface treatment. If possible, avoid sampling immediately prior to a holiday. Otherwise samples may sit in a FedEx or UPS warehouse. Do companies ever report no flow/no discharge? Yes, if there’s no discharge, that’s what you need to report; don’t try to create a sample. Review the EPA’s guide to monitoring and sampling: EPA 832-B-09-003 Industrial Stormwater Monitoring and Sampling Guide.

Minimum Sampling Requirements
Quarter Months Effluent Parameter Report is Due
First Jan, Feb, March Sample at least once during any month of the quarter April 28th
Second April, May, June Sample at least once during any month of the quarter July 28th
Third July, Aug, Sep Sample at least once during any month of the quarter Oct 28th
Fourth Oct, Nov, Dec Sample at least once during any month of the quarter Dec 28th
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