SVOC Testing by 8270 & 8270 SIMS

Teklab, Inc provides semi-volatile organic compound (SVOC) testing by methods SW846 8270, SW846 8270 SIMS or EPA 625/625.1. Our semi-volatile organic testing lab routinely analyzes soils, waters or special wastes for single compounds or for multiple unknowns such as those in EPA 625/625.1 or SW846 8270. Teklab, Inc. is the environmental laboratory that will satisfy your SVOC/BNA and SIMS testing needs and exceed your expectations.

There are a lot of SVOCs in existence and local regulatory agencies may require testing for compounds that are not on the standard EPA 625/625.1 or SW846 8270 lists. When those situations arise, we perform validation studies to see if your particular compound can be extracted and analyzed using those reference methods.

We recommend that you contact a NELAP accredited environmental testing laboratory even if your BNA or PNA compound of concern is not “routinely” analyzed or in an EPA approved testing method.

Selective Ion Monitoring (SIM)

Many remediation projects have clean up objectives with the lowest reporting limit possible and the legal defensibility of mass spectrophotometer detection, but require high enough contamination levels to ensure reimbursement. This combination can be difficult because complex matrices can damage the mass spectrophotometer. Since GC/MS analysis is significantly more costly, the industry has developed Selective Ion Monitoring (SIM). The SIM techinque allows environmental laboratories to analyze highly complex samples with minimal dilutions which results in minimal damage to the mass spectrophotometer. That allows low reporting limits and the enhanced defensibility of mass spectrophotometer analysis.