Teklab's Environmental Testing Capabilities

Teklab's environmental laboratory can analyse a multitude of different methods and matrices. Click on the links below to see the full range of our analytical capabilities.
And please feel free to contact us; we are always here to help.

Organic / SVOC Testing


PCBs (8082/608)

Pesticides (8081/608)

Herbicides (8151A/615)

Metals Testing



Mercury/Low Level Mercury EPA1631E

Drinking Water by ICP/ICPMS

Other Analysis

Soil Analysis   

Oil and Petroleum Testing  

Mercury in Air Testing  

Stormwater Testing  

Analytical Testing for Fracking  

Drinking Water Testing  

Hazardous Waste Analysis  

Volatile / VOC Testing

VOCs such as BTEX (or BETX)

TPH-GRO for remediation projects

Benzene for NESHAP testing

SW846 8260B or EPA 624

Drinking Water Testing

SM9222B :- Total Coliform

SM9222D :- Fecal Coliform

SM9215 :- Heterotrophic Plate Count


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Inorganic Testing

Oxygen & Oxygen Demands

Cyanide & Phenol



Air Testing

EPA method TO-15

VOCs including BTEX and Naphthalene

TPH-GRO for a remediation project

Ambient air, soil vapor and sub slab