Agriculture Herbicides and Pesticides

Pesticides and Herbicides are suspected to be present in ground and surface water across our nation. Numerous clients have had Teklab analyze their ground water and surface water samples to ensure their sites are not contaminated with these compounds.

When starting a search, the list of Pesticides and Herbicides can appear endless. The analytes noted below are common compounds that clients have requested, which are outside the standard Chlorinated Pesticides (SW 8081) and Chlorinated Herbicides (SW 8151) lists*. At Teklab we analyze for these compounds using method SW 8270 SIM (selective ion monitoring).  This method allows us to achieve the reporting levels needed and provides a level of confirmation that can only be obtained with the mass spectroscope (GC/MS) detectors. EPA method 8141 is available upon request.

Keep in mind that most of the compounds we analyze may have 3-4 different names. So send us a copy of your list and let us help you.   

*The standard lists for Chlorinated Pesticides and Herbicides can be found via the page links (in orange) below.

This list is made up of select Organophos pesticides, select Triazine Herbicides, and select Carbamate and related compounds. 
Ag Compounds
Acetochlor (Herb)  Chlorpyrifos (Insecticide)   Prometon (Herb)
Alachlor (Herb) Cyanazine (Pest) Propachlor (Herb)    
Atrazine (Herb) EPTC (Pest) Propazine (Herb) 
Bromacil (Herb)     Metolachlor (Herb) Simazine (Herb) 
Butachlor (Herb) Metribuzin (Herb) Terbufos (Pest) 
Butylate (Pest)   Pendimethalin (Herb)  Trifluralin (Herb) 
Additional Compounds
Aldicarb (Pest)     Bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate Parathion (Pest)  
Atrazine (Herb)  Carbofuran (Pest)  Simazine (Herb)
Benzo(a)pyrene  Hexachlorocyclopentadiene (Pest)

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