Endothall Testing

Teklab, Inc is an environmental testing laboratory that provides specialty analysis such as endothall in groundwater or wastewater samples. Our procedure was developed from EPA method 548.1 and SW846 method 8270, section 7.5.5, Selected Ion Monitoring (SIM).

Our semi-volatile organic testing lab routinely performs this type of specialty analysis for other environmental testing labs.

We realize that there are a lot of unique organic compounds in existence and local regulatory agencies may require testing for compounds that are not on the standard EPA or SW846 lists. When those situations arise, we can (and do) perform validation studies to see if your particular compound can be extracted and analyzed using those reference methods and thus meet NELAP accreditation standards.

We recommend that you contact a NELAP accredited environmental testing laboratory even if your organic compound of concern is not “routinely” analyzed or in an EPA approved testing method.