Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) Testing

Teklab, Inc. is an environmental lab providing PCB testing since the 1980s. We analyze for single Aroclors such as Aroclor 1260,  Aroclor 1254, or Aroclor 1016 or for a list of PCBs like those in EPA 608.3 or SW846 8081/8082. We test transformer oil, soil, water or wipe samples. We can test most matrices for almost any PCB.

Our semi-volatile organic testing lab routinely runs same day and next day PCB analysis. Our standard turn-around-time is an industry leading five working days. However, our PCB analysis is generally completed in three days. 

If you are using PCB field screening kits we recommend that you consider using a fast NELAP accredited environmental testing laboratory as a safer and more defendable alternative. Many companies do not want to rely on field screening kits and a few confirmation samples to make such important decisions. Because we generate results so quickly, we are an alternative to field screening for PCBs.

For information about PCBs in Schools, follow this link. Also see our Certifications page for a list of Teklab's testing capabilities.

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