Testing Drinking Water
drop of water

Potential contaminants in drinking water have always been a serious health concern. Here at Teklab, we provide numerous drinking water analysis services to meet the needs of all of our customers. Our certified testing services are designed to help homeowners, businesses and municipalities alike to determine the quality of their drinking water. The list of available testing methods can often be confusing, which is why Teklab's experienced Project Management team are always available to discuss your specific needs.

So drop by our lab located at 5445 Horseshoe Lake Road, Collinsville, IL or give us a call on 877-344-1003.


With environmental regulations constantly changing, Teklab’s management team makes it their responsibility to adjust to the needs of the environmental and industrial community. We welcome present and potential clients to inspect our facility as well as review our extensive QA/QC program.

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5445 Horseshoe Lake Road
Collinsville, IL
Tel: 618 344 1004
Toll Free: 877 344 1003