Soil and Hazardous Waste Testing

Teklab is an environmental testing laboratory that offers a wide range of soil testing options in accordance with environmental regulations such as pre and post treatment standards, RCRA, TACO, UST/LUST and TCLP. Consultants, landfills, municipalities, industry and state and federal government routinely use Teklab's soil analysis services.

We recommend that you use a NELAP accredited environmental testing laboratory even if your analysis of concern is not routinely analyzed or in an approved testing method. Please review the list of Teklab’s current certifications here and feel free to contact us any time to discuss your soil testing needs.

Below is a List of compound MDL's and PQL's (Please note: lists and limits may change).

List of Compounds MDL and PQL for Soils
(Please note: lists and limits may change)
8081 Soils
8082 Soils
8151 Soils
8270 Soils
EPH Soils
Glycols Soils
Soils and Solids by ICP
Soils and Solids by ICPMS

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