Microbiology Testing

Teklab's microbiology and bacteria department is responsible for total and fecal coliform analysis of both municipal and private drinking water. We analyze municipal wastewater and sludge samples for fecal coliform. We also perform heterotrophic plate count on drinking water, groundwater, wastewater and swimming pool samples.

Bacteria testing has very strict sample collection protocols. Municipal samples, private cisterns, or wells that contain city water, or have a constant chlorine injection system MUST be collected in a sterile bottle with sodium thiosulfate. If nitrates are to be analyzed, a separate bottle must be used. All other samples MUST be collected in a sterile bottle. You can obtain these kits from Teklab or from your local health department. Instructions for proper collection of samples are provided in these kits.

Teklab's hours for microbiology and bacteria sample acceptance are Monday-Thursday, . Adequate notice must be given if you need to drop samples off before or after these hours. Emergency samples such as boil orders, or samples related to municipal towers are accepted on an as needed basis.

Standard Methods
M9222B :- Total Coliform
M9222D :- Fecal Coliform
M9215 :- Heterotrophic Plate Count


Sample Collection Procedure

  1. Select a sampling faucet that is normally used. It is best to avoid faucets with internal aerator threads.
  2. Since water softeners and filtration systems often harbor bacteria, it is recommended that you bypass these prior to sample collection. If needed, consult a water treatment specialist for instructions
  3. Remove aerator from faucet. On metal faucets, use a lighter or match to sterilize the neck of the faucets and interior/exterior of its opening. Do not touch the opening of the tap.
  4. At an alternative tap, wash hands using soap and water.
  5. Using the COLD water tap only, turn water on. Allow the water to flow smoothly at a moderate rate for 2-3 minutes prior to sample collection. Do not adjust the water rate after the procedure has begun.
  6. Carefully unscrew the cap of the bottle (DO NOT SET IT DOWN). Holding the cap in one hand, fill the bottle one inch from the top without touching the inside of the bottle or cap. Replace the cap securely.
  7. Complete the shaded top portion of this form. All areas must be filled out for analysis to occur.
  8. Sample should be delivered to Teklab as soon as possible after collection. If the sample is not delivered immediately it should be refrigerated. SAMPLES OLDER THAN 30 HOURS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR ANALYSIS.
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