VOA / VOC Testing

Whether you call it Volatile Organic Analysis (VOA) or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Teklab can manage all of your volatile testing requirements. For example, Teklab can test for:

  • VOCs such as BTEX (or BETX)
  • TPH-GRO for a remediation project
  • Benzene for NESHAP testing
  • SW846 8260B or EPA 624/624.1 for compliance purposes
  • Specialty parameters such as method 1666 PMI compounds for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Kansas LRH

Lists of Compounds MDL's and PQL's (Please note: lists and limits may change. Contact us for current limits.)
8260 Soils
8260 Waters
8260 TCLP
8260 Expanded TCLP

624.1 Waters
524 PMI Waters
1666 Waters
MRBCA Waters
BTEX Napthalene MTBE Waters
BTEX Napthalene MTBE Soils

Teklab’s standard turnaround time is five days. Most of our volatile organic analysis (BTEX, Benzene, SW846 8260B) is completed within three working days of receipt. With six VOA GC/MS we can handle a lot of next day and two day samples. For a premium, same day results may also be available.

We run all of our VOA/VOC and BTEX samples by GC/MS at GC prices. Environmental samples have a tendency to contain matrix interference that can cause problems for GC analysis without the mass spectrometer detector. The GC/MS helps us "look through" all of the matrix interference and find the "fingerprint" for the compounds of interest. Using GC/MS costs us more, but we believe that the increased level of quality assurance and enhanced legal defensibility of our analysis is worth it.

If you are analyzing environmental samples for BTEX or other volatile compounds we recommend that you insist upon GC/MS analysis.

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