Client Testimonials
I have worked with Randy and Dan for over 10 years and
have been extremely satisfied with their services. Because
of our relationship I use Teklab exclusively for all projects
that I am responsible for this decision. Additionally I very
much appreciate their professionalism and also Teklab's
analytical work.
Dan E.
I have worked with Randy and Dan for at least 8 years on several projects including extensive soil and gw sampling projects. Dan has always been available to discuss price, method options, etc. Randy has provided excellent service by way of dropping off needed containers, picking up samples with short holds from remote job sites to enable us to work more efficiently. The Teklab KC location is convenient and I enjoy the service of Randy "packing coolers" for us, again allowing us more time to get our work done. A couple of times I was notified by Randy that we were missing a sample, after rummaging in the bed of the truck we found it and Randy came and picked it up, therefore; we did not have to re-sample. Based just on the service Randy has provided I would sole
source to Teklab if I could.
Shane B                      
Randy, at the KC Service Center, has been a key partner since 2006 for helping my clients’ laboratory needs. He has been available night and day to fill bottle orders or helping coordinate with the lab chemists. He may work for another company, but he is an important partner on my project team. Randy makes my job easier. 
James B..

Projects can quickly become much more complicated than they should be if a bottle order arrives incorrect, doesn't arrive at all, or if there is a delay in receiving analytical results. With Randy and Teklab on our team, we don’t worry about those problems. Randy is reliable and knowledgeable and he communicates effectively and efficiently. We have historically utilized several labs in an effort to find one willing to provide this type of commitment and service. You're only as strong as your weakest link; not only has Randy never been the weakest link, his efforts have even prevented the chain from breaking. He has my greatest respect and appreciation.
Cory P.